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Weight Loss Programs

best program for weight loss

Weight Loss Programs

The biggest boon today, is health and the biggest curse today, is obesity. If you are obese, you must be very well knowing all the downfalls of being on the healthier side. You cannot eat the food that you love, you cannot wear a body- hugging dress, you cannot flaunt your toned muscles (that actually you don't possess)to woo a women, you get easily tired, you fall prey to n number of diseases and you become butt of all jokes.

Being obese is really a challenge today. And thus, to match the steps with the fast running and healthy world, the obese people join various fitness clubs and follow different weight loss program. Many people come out fitter and finer, while some do not experience even minute loss in their weight. If you check out the internet today, it is literally flooded with numerous different weight loss programs. But, one thing you must understand that every program mentioned on the internet is not for you. Every person has a different body type and different metabolism and hence, it is not a rule that every program mentioned on the internet will benefit you. So, here we bring to you, the best weight loss program that will benefit you at large. This program allows you to eat delicious, but healthy food. This program will not keep you deprived of fingerlicking food, but will tell you the basic instructions about what to eat and what to eliminate from your diet. If you follow this weight loss program, you are sure to lose quick weight, that too in just 7 days. Take a look-

Day 1: This could be the hardest day of your life, but you would have to control all the cravings. This day, you will have to consume only fruits. You can eat any food except bananas, mangoes, litchis and grapes. Eat them as much as you want. Opt for watermelon, pomegranates, apples, oranges, lime, melons and strawberries. The fruits are enough to provide you with all the essential nutrients and plus they are tasty too. Hence, you do not need to eat tasteless food. Your body will also adopt for the coming days.

Day 2: On the second day, you would have to eat only vegetables, boiled or raw. Eat your favorite vegetables. Begin your day with boiled potatoes and a tsp of butter. This will lend you carbs and energy for the whole day. Eat as many as green vegetables, but do not eat more than one potato. To add on to the taste of the vegetables, season them with herbs like basil or oregano. You will get your dose of fiber and other nutrients this day.

Day 3: On day three , you can opt for both fruits and vegetables. Avoid potatoes this day and eat all your favorite fruits and vegetables, as much as you want, as many as you want. Drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated.

Day 4: The best thing that you can do on the fourth day is to eat at least 6 bananas and have upto 4 glasses of milk. They are a rich source of sodium and potassium. And do not worry, they will not cause you any weight gain in this diet. Make yourself a healthy vegetable soup for one meal. Use tomatoes, garlic, capsicum and onion for the soup. It will taste delicious and is also very healthy.

Day 5: Eat a lot of tomatoes, sprouts, cottage cheese and soy chunks. Make a delicious soup for yourself and drink a lot of water. The tomatoes will give you the required dose of fiber and will aid the digestion process. The water will detoxify your body. This all will help to eliminate the uric acid from the body.

Day 6: Do not eat tomatoes on this day. You can eat sprouts, vegetables and cottage cheese. Take a diet full of vitamins and fiber. Keep yourself hydrated.

Day 7: Give a healthy start to your day with fresh fruit juice on this final day of your weight loss program. You can have one cup of brown rice or 1/2 chapati with vegetables. Drink a lot of water. For snacks you can opt for hummus, pickles and a handful of nuts. On the seventh day of your weight loss program, you will feel light and healthy. Promise yourself that from now, you will always consume a healthy diet.

Since 2016, we have seen many catering equipment companies investing in equipment and supplies for the weight loss industry.