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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

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Who doesn’t want a fit and lean body that is the envy of all? A select few are blessed with good genes and a high rate of metabolism that helps them get away with all kinds of food, and yet sport an athletic figure! But the rest of us have to struggle hard each day, exercise and watch our diets in order to attain fitness. With busy routines and hectic lifestyles, our dreams of weight-loss seem too difficult to achieve, which is why there are a plethora of products and supplements out in the market that promise phenomenal results for weight-loss with the added bonus of detoxifying your system! We evaluate here two herbal extracts that are the raging trends in the weight-loss sector.

green coffee


  • What is it?

Natural coffee is green in colour, rich in antioxidants and has a potent chemical known as chlorogenic acid. This green coffee is roasted in order to make the instant coffee that we usually drink. This gives it its characteristic brown colour, but also strips off a significant amount of chlorogenic acid. It is this chemical in green coffee bean extract that is thought to provide the benefits of weight-loss, and also in diseases of the heart and diabetes. The green coffee bean extract as a weight loss supplement gained momentum after it featured on the Dr. Oz show in 2012. It was claimed that this extract, in its pure form, can help burn fat without the need for exercise or diet!

  • How does it work?

Chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean extract is believed to increase glucose metabolism and can decrease the level of absorption of carbohydrates from the digestive tract. This consequently has an impact on the blood sugar and insulin spikes which get lowered. Studies conducted on mice suggest that the chlorogenic acid helps in weight-loss by decreasing the absorption of fat from the diet, improve the working abilities of the fat burning adinopectin hormone, and can even reduce fat which is stored in the liver.

  • How to consume?

A concentration of 80-200mg of the pure green coffee bean extract is available as capsules in the market by the trade name of Svetol, marketed by Naturex. This can be had daily 

  • Other benefits?

Green coffee bean extract is loaded with antioxidants that can be used as a detox for the body.

Weight Loss recommendations


  • What is it?

Forskolin is extracted from a plant, Coleus forskohlii, which belongs to the family of mints. Forskolin is native to subtropical and tropical regions of India and east Africa.

  • How does it work?

It affects the production of cyclic AMP by increasing it, and has a subsequent effect on the contraction of the heart muscles. Forskolin is known to affect weight-loss by working like a heat inducer. This has fat melting and detoxifying effects on the body.

  • How to consume?

Supplements by various names are available in the market. 250mg of pure Forskolin extract can be taken orally twice a day, preferably 15-20 mins prior to the meal (while some of the other weight loss pills like Proactol is about 2 capsule a day).

  • Other benefits?

Forskolin in its pure form is known to be used for treating various cardiovascular diseases and to help in detoxification of the body. It is to be borne in mind though, that the above mentioned extracts are supplements, and must be accompanied by a careful diet and a robust workout plan to achieve the best possible results. 


Weight Loss Diet Supplement - Safe and Easy to Use

Weight reduction dietary supplements are turning out to be more normal in the weight reduction industry today and among individuals looking for a simple approach to shed pounds since eating less and exercise hasn't worked for them. The larger part of these weight reduction supplement pills are accessible as over the counter medications at your neighborhood drugstore, general store and or wellbeing nourishment store. What are these supplements and do they work? 

Sharp orange is a supplement that builds the quantity of calories individuals smolder when on the supplement joined with an activity regimen. Numerous allude to this supplement as a substitute to ephedra and might bring about the same reactions. Chitosan is a dietary supplement that hinders the retentions of dietary fat. The FDA finds this supplement is moderately sheltered however won't bring about critical weight reduction. Reactions incorporate stoppage, bloating and other stomach issues. Chromium is accessible to diminish muscle to fat quotients and manufacture muscle. This is another supplement, as Chitosan, that won't assist with huge weight reduction. It is moderately sheltered to utilize however. 

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

CLA, otherwise called Conjugated Linoleic Acid, lessens muscle to fat ratio ratios, diminishes your longing and constructs muscle. This supplement will diminish muscle to fat quotients and increment muscle however likely won't lessen your total body weight. It can bring about loose bowels, acid reflux and other stomach related issues.  Nation Mallow, additionally alluded to as heartleaf, abatements your hankering and expands the quantity of calories blazed. This item contains ephedra, which is a greatly risky supplement. This supplement is hazardous and ought to be kept away from no matter what despite the fact that it is still accessible for buy available. 

Weight Loss Pills

Ephedra has been banned by the FDA available to be purchased at medication stores as a weight reduction supplement for its compelling symptoms. Ephedra has likewise been banned by the NFL and MLB. Ephedra diminishes a man's longing however motivations hypertension, abnormalities of the heart rate, restlessness, seizures, heart assaults, strokes and passing. Ephedra is still legitimately sold as a tea today and regardless of the boycott, is sold all over on the web. Green tea concentrate is utilized to build the calorie and fat digestion system while diminishing your longing. This supplement may bring about heaving, bloating, looseness of the bowels and heartburn. This supplement likewise might contain a lot of caffeine, which is bad when on an eating routine. Guar gum hinders the assimilation of dietary fat and builds the sentiment completion for its clients. Guar gum additionally decreases the admission of calories. This supplement will more than likely not bring about weight reduction and is sheltered to utilize. It causes looseness of the bowels and fart and can bring about intestinal impediment if not administered with any natural liquid.


Hoodia entirely diminishes craving for its clients and there isn't much confirmation accessible from the FDA about this dietary supplement to bolster its weight reduction claim. Dietary supplements can be financially savvy and can be to a great degree costly in the meantime. The larger part of dietary supplements accessible today run in expense from $20-$50 and can even cost more than that.

 Most effective supplements: Forksolin, Acai Berry, African Mango & Garcinia Cambogia
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