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MSM Supplements on sale. See more about MSM Powder benefits.


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A naturally occurring organic sulphur compound
Sulphur is necessary for the proper functioning of vital organs, respiratory and immune systems
Used to combat painful muscles and joints
Used for those who wish to maintain healthy hair, skin and nails


Methylsulfonylmethane, a natural occurring organic sulphur compound. Sulphur is present in every cell of the body and is necessary for the proper functioning of vital organs, respirator and immune systems. MSM helps to build various proteins within the body and is found naturally in fruit and vegetables.

Research has proven that consuming msm in the form of supplements can help us to recover from many injuries quicker than without this additional help, therefore acting medicinally as well as nutritionally.

Directly involved with the production of collagen, which affects the elasticity of our joints and muscle tissue. Collagen gives bounce to our cells making them plumper and more supple. Supplementing your cells with MSM will help to keep skin in good condition, looking healthier and younger and also proven to alleviate joint pain.


Q. Are you worried about your immune system?

A. MSM is found naturally in fruits and vegetables and has been shown to be able to greatly improve your immune system, especially when taken as a supplement. No longer do you have to worry about your general every day health when supplementing MSM

Q. Are you worried about joint aches and pains?

A. MSM is directly involved with the production of collagen, which affects the elasticity of our joints and muscle tissue. Without having to worry about joint pain you’ll again be able to enjouy life to the fullest.

Q. Are you worried about looking old?

A. MSM is directly responsible when taken as a supplement for making your skin look younger, firmer and sexier.




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  1. Review from Naturopaths review by Dani S. on 1/25/2016

    Naturopaths will regularly utilize MSM Powder as an approach to treat illnesses arthritis, osteoporosis, tendonitis, muscle issues, chronic pain, wrinkles, stretch imprints, oral cleanliness issues and an assortment of different things. What is important to note about this substance arrives is an unending number of things it can handle and when our bodies turn out to be low in the natural combination of it, we wind up having a progression of basic ailments and issues. This is the reason it is basic to add a supplement to our daily vitamin regimen to guarantee we live long and upbeat lives.

    We ought to investigate how MSM Powder winds up helping the body taking into account some basic things that people experience. Simply remember that while MSM Powder is an effective substance, it doesn't detract from you needing to get regular health checkups to guarantee that nothing unexpected issues emerge in your life.

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Methyl Sulphonyl Methane Powder.

MSM, also referred to as methyl sulfonyl methane is a chemical compound usually obtained from humans, animals and plants. On the other hand, this substance can be created in the laboratory. The substance can be used as a drug in whichever form. Sulfur is one of the compounds that make this substance particularly effective. Sulfur is deemed an efficient treatment used for maintaining and strengthening tissues inside the body, more so cartilage and joint tissue. Due to this, this supplement is a regular ‟prescription″ for several bone and joint related health problems. Below are some of the benefits of MSM powder for humans.

It helps to detoxify the body.

Among the most crucial characteristics of this supplement is that it ensures your cells are more permeable. This simply signifies that it permits metabolic and toxins waste products to be eliminated easily from the cells. On the other hand, hydration and vital nutrients can be allowed in. additionally, it dissolves calcium phosphate since it has the capability to break bad calcium which is the cause of degenerative ailments.

It helps strengthen nails and hair.

Keratin and collagen are both important for the creation of healthy nails and hair. MSM acts as a ‟beauty mineral″ which offers the sulfur required to manufacture keratin and collagen. Moreover, it is known to add to outstanding thickness and strength of the nails and hair. This is usually noticeable within several weeks of continuous use.

It is anti-inflammatory.

The above supplement is a strong anti-inflammatory as a result of its capability to initiate waste removal from the cells. Too much weight on your body is truly inflammation. The body cells are persistently inflamed and holding the wastes of metabolic processes. Sulfur requires being present to allow these wastes and toxins to be eliminated from the body. After the wastes are eliminated from the body, then the body cells are able to get rid of excess fluids which were accumulated as a buffer. The outcome is an effective and natural reduction in any excess weight.

It triggers faster healing.

Waste products and lactic acid cause soreness and pain inside the body. MSM enhances the body’s ability to get rid of byproducts at the cellular stage. This accelerates recovery and frees more energy for reconstruction.

It enhances flexibility.

Studies have indicated that the above substance is very efficient in enhancing joint flexibility. In addition, it assists to create muscle tissue and flexible skin. This results to a rise in overall flexibility as a result of restoration of the ‟suppleness″ inside the tissues.

It enhances complexion and the health of the skin.

MSM is essential for the production of collagen. Wrinkles and sagging skin, as well as cracked, dry skin occur due to loss of collagen. The supplement works in conjunction with Vitamin C to create healthy, new tissues. MSM is able to normalize the formation of collagen and totally enhance skin health.

Whether you use MSM as an oral supplement or a topical application, it is efficient for treating various conditions. A natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever, this substance has the ability to treat numerous common problems from the start to prevent any further issues.

What are the recommendations for MSM consumption?

Take 1/2 teaspoon(s) for the first 3 days then a full teaspoon per day.



MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is an organic sulfur compound that is also known as dimethyl sulfone or methyl sulfone. It’s a chemically inert solid that is white in color.

MSM naturally occurs in certain indigenous plants. It can also be obtained from certain beverages, food types and dietary supplements.

Although no government across the world has approved medical use of MSM powder in the treatment and/or management of medical conditions, extensive research has been conducted on health benefits of MSM, with many research scientists claiming that MSM powder has a wide range of health benefits.

MSM powder is a rich source of natural biologically-active sulfur. According to Robert Herschler (one of the most prominent biochemists who ever lived), MSM significantly helps in relieving stress, preventing inflammation of mucous membranes, treatment of gastrointestinal conditions as well as prevention of allergies.

It’s essentially the structure in which sulfur naturally occurs in living organisms.

MSM powder is a white, odorless, crystalline substance that is soluble in water and in many other organic solvents. I t has a wide range of therapeutic and preventive properties.

The discovery of this substance is arguably one of the most significant advancements made in orthomolecular medicine.

The following are important ways in which MSM could benefit your health

Chronic pain relief

MSM powder is very effective in relieving chronic pain that is usually brought about by different conditions.


In 1999, two medical doctors (Dr. Stanley Jacob and Dr. Ronald Lawrence) published an authoritative book in which they explained their extensive experience as MSM powder researchers and medical doctors. By 1999, they had a combined experience of twenty years that involved relieving their patients’ pain using MSM powder. 

They discovered that 70% of patients who used MSM powder got relief from their pain.

The drug can be used to relieve pain that results from one or more of the following conditions;

1. Body injuries suffered during burns/ accidents.

2. Scars due to accidents, burns or surgical operations.

3. Rheumatoid arthritis and/or osteoarthritis.

4. Repetitive Strain Injury.

5. Fibromyalgia.

6. Whiplash.

7. Physical straining of the lower back.

8. Sclerosis

9. Migraines/ headaches

10. Carpal Syndrome

11. Muscle ache

12. Tennis elbows as well as other injuries suffered during intensive physical activities.

13. Bursitis.

Action mechanisms

MSM powder relieves pain by working in the following ways:

a. Since it’s a natural analgesic, it effectively blocks transmission of pain impulses via C-fibers/ nerve fibers

b. It blocks the processes of inflammation by enhancing activities of cortisol, an anti-inflammatory hormone that is naturally produced in the body.

c. MSM powder improves cell membranes’ permeability, which leads to enhanced uptake of vitamins and other nutrients, as well as boosting the elimination of excess cellular fluids and waste products.

d. It boosts dilation of blood vessels, thus enhancing circulation of blood and elimination of waste products. Eventually, healing occurs at a faster rate.

e. The product relieves pain by relaxing affected muscles.

f. It aids the body’s defense mechanisms by efficiently regulating metabolism of prostaglandin as well as formation of immune complexes and antibodies.

Auto-immune conditions

MSM powder enables the body to fight inflammations that are usually caused by auto-immune reactions (whereby the immune system fights against itself). 

For instance, patients who suffer from arthritis can take MSM powder if they wish to reduce inflammation and degeneration of joints.

In a certain scientific study conducted by reputable scientists, 24 patients who had been diagnosed with symptomatic osteoarthritis were given prescriptions of either MSM powder or NSAID (a drug that is popularly used in managing osteoarthritis). After four weeks, both groups reported that they’d attained significant improvement.

Another scientific study was conducted on mice which were genetically pre-disposed to rheumatoid -arthritis like -joint lesions. After three months, they established that the mice which were provided with MSM suffered no articular cartilage degeneration. 50% of the mice under control experiment suffered from serious articular cartilage degeneration, while 95% suffered from inflammatory reaction in their synovial tissues.

MSM helps in management of auto-immune conditions by improving permeability of cell membranes, thus allowing discharge of toxins and other harmful substances, while simultaneously boosting the flow of nutrients into cells. As a result, pressure doesn’t build up in the cells, therefore preventing inflammation in joints.

Researchers at Harvard University’s School of Public Health conducted experiments that involved feeding mice that were genetically pre-disposed to Auto-Immune Lympho-Proliferative Disease with a diet that was incorporated with MSM. 

They found out that average lifespan of mice in the control experiment was only 5.5 months; while the group of mice fed with MSM-rich diet had an impressive life span of 10 months. The second group of mice had diminished anti-nuclear response to antibodies as well as decreased lymphadenopathy, anemia development and splenomegaly.

Results of these scientific experiments clearly indicate that MSM plays a significant role in management of auto-immune conditions.

Treatment and/or management of neurological conditions

Human brains are very sensitive to effects of toxic substances like organic compounds and heavy metals. If accumulation of these toxic substances occurs in nerve cells, severe oxidative damage may occur, thus resulting in neurological disturbances.

MSM is an anti-oxidant which has capacity of efficiently penetrating the usually impenetrable blood-brain barrier. It plays the role of prevention and repair of oxidative damage as well as restoration of permeability and elasticity of cell membranes, thus facilitating excretion of waste products by nerve cells.

A few years ago, a certain woman who lived in USA was admitted to hospital in critical condition due to aluminum exposure poisoning. It had accumulated in the patient’s brain, thus causing severe neurological damage. The doctors couldn’t offer much help, and she therefore remained bedridden for almost 6 years.

One day, a visiting doctor prescribed daily doses of 15g MSM powder. The drug managed to penetrate her blood-brain barrier, restored her brain cells membranes’ permeability and effectively enabled her brain cells to get rid of the toxic substances. A few weeks later, the patient started recovering and several months later, she attained full recovery.

MSM powder is therefore effective in the treatment and/or management of neurological conditions.

Role in detoxification

MSM powder is soluble in a wide range of inorganic and organic compounds. It inactivates dangerous toxins and also speeds up their excretion.

Additionally, the compound makes cell membranes more permeable, thus facilitation absorption of nutrients as well as elimination of waste products. Many scientists claim that MSM is one of the best detoxifying pharmaceutical or nutraceutical agents available in the market.

Recently, a patient was diagnosed with heavy metal poisoning due to his nature of work (he is a painter). Even though he used several pharmaceutical drugs, orthomolecular & homeopathic detoxifiers and also went through bio-resonance therapy, he still displayed severe symptoms of toxicity.

When the patient started using MSM powder alongside regular sweat baths, there were drastic changes after a few weeks. A microscopic examination discovered that his blood had become normal again.

MSM powder therefore plays a significant role in the detoxification process.

Facilitation of the anti-oxidation process

MSM powder is an extremely strong anti-oxidant with the ability of inactivating and/or binding free radicals (i.e. unstable atoms and molecules with un-paired electrons that naturally attract other electrons from the environment).

The human body only needs certain amounts of free radicals for cellular reproduction as well as to aid in elimination of harmful bacteria and viruses. However, overproduction of free radicals is dangerous because it may damage chromosomes and cell membranes. When such cases occur, the body requires extra anti-oxidants which can be obtained from MSM powder.

MSM is a significant sulfur donor and there plays a major role in enabling proper working of the consumer’s anti-oxidation system.

A human body neutralizes free radicals using anti-oxidation enzymes which consist of sulfuric amino acids. They usually obtain their biological activity and structure from sulfur bonds. 

MSM powder is instrumental in providing sulfur for powerful antioxidant such as amino-sulfur acids methionine, taurine and cysteine. When splitting occurs, these elements gain ability to neutralize the dangerous free radicals.

MSM also facilitates the anti-oxidation process by contributing to formation of glutathione, an extremely strong nutritional anti-oxidant.

MSM is an anti-oxidant on its own. The mucosa consists of a carbon-sulfur bond-cleaving enzyme known as C-S lyase. When MSM binds itself to the mucosa, it results in production of elements which have capacity to neutralize free radicals.

Facilitation of collagen cross-linking

MSM powder restores cross-linking in collagen. 

Collagen cross-linking is basically a natural scar-formation process that leads to formation of painful and hard scar tissues. It may cause chronic pain, especially in cases of burn scars which affects large surfaces. 

MSM powder works by increasing the skin’s flexibility, thus facilitating healing processes. It also facilitates the disappearance of unattractive scars.

Synergizing effects

According to medical doctors, MSM encourages the absorption of a wide range of nutrients such as; vitamin C, magnesium, Co-enzyme Q10, calcium, all B vitamins, selenium, vitamin A, amino acids and vitamins E and D, among others.

The product is very effective in boosting uptake of this range of nutrients and also makes them last for as long as possible. The consumer’s body will therefore utilize these nutrients in better ways.

Prevention of allergic reactions and alleviation of allergic symptoms

MSM can be used to prevent allergic reactions and also to alleviate symptoms caused by several allergens. The compound works by binding itself to mucosa membranes, thus providing a natural barrier between allergens and the host. It also works by detoxifying and eliminating free radicals.

MSM powder therefore works like conventional antihistamine inhibitors.

It’s important to note that there are very few reported cases of side effects caused by the drug.


There are several reasons why human bodies require MSM.

Protein structure

Plants usually derive MSM from rain water and then turn it into sulfur-rich cysteine and methionine amino acids. The other two amino acids (cystine & taurine) are then synthesized from the primary cysteine.

Human bodies generally manufacture 80% of (non-essential) amino acids required for normal body functions. The remaining percentage of (essential) amino –acids is derived from food. 

MSM aids in the oxidation and bonding of S-S (sulfur) bonds, and these bonds are responsible for forming the structure of proteins as well as determining their form, biological activities and properties.

Formation of connective tissues

Hair and nails primarily contain keratin (made of tough proteins with high sulfur content). Additionally, cartilage, connective tissues and other flexible tissues consist of proteins that are joined by flexible sulfur bonds.

The most abundant protein and main component of connective tissues is collagen. Collagen works by combining with elastin proteins to make the skin flexible. It also combines with chondroitin and proteoglycans glucosamine in cartilage to give it (cartilage) structure and flexibility.

MSM plays a role in the formation of connective tissues since it provides human bodies with huge amounts of sulfur that are in turn used to form keratin and collagen.

People who consume MSM are less likely to suffer from stiffening of joints/ muscles, rippling of skin or reduced elasticity of arterial blood vessels and lung tissues.

Permeability of cell membranes

MSM powder provides human bodies with significant amounts of sulfur which are then used to create connections between connective tissues and cells, thus allowing cells to become elastic. 

In cases of sulfur deficiency (because of failing to take MSM), walls of the cells harden, thus making them lose elasticity. This makes the cells less permeable.

This negatively affects transportation of nutrients and oxygen into cells. Excretion of waste products also becomes inhibited. 

The body therefore suffers from a shortage of nutrients and oxygen, as well as accumulation of toxic substances inside the cells. As a result, such an individual experiences reduced vitality and may also be affected by degenerative diseases.


Enzymes are valuable components which control nearly all the important body functions, such as regulation of metabolic processes.

MSM powder plays a vital role in metabolism by proving the body with much-need sulfur. Sulfur bridges provide enzymes with spatial structures, without which they lack biological activity because of inconsistencies in spatial structure.


Ideally, the level of MSM in a healthy human being’s circulatory system should be 0.2mg/ kg. Every day, a healthy adult excretes about 8g of MSM through urination. 

Scientific studies indicate that levels of MSM in healthy mammals usually decrease with advancement in age because of changes in rates of metabolism.

Optimum levels of MSM must be maintained in the body’s system to preserve normal molecular structures and physiological functioning. 

Inadequate levels of this compound may cause psychological and/or physical stress, as well as certain degenerative diseases.

MSM plays the significant role of providing the body with sulfur. The compound also has unique properties due to its biological activities and chemical structure.