When at work, our prime focus becomes our projects, meetings, deadlines, tenders, targets, et cetera and when at home our prime focus shifts on tv, football match, social media, domestic help and what not. Our list of important things never feature healthy food, instead you will always find a mention of delicious snacks. But, to your surprise, snacks can also be healthy.

Wouldn't it be great, if you get to eat delicious snacks and could also get much needed nutrition? This could be possible. Presenting you, our list of top 20 healthy snacks at work. These snacks are loaded with all the essential nutrients and the best thing about these snacks are that they are easy to make, you can carry them to your office and can munch on them once in a while in the office.

20. Dark Chocolate Dark chocolate is delicious and to your surprise, super healthy. Always keep individually- wrapped chocolates in your office drawer.

19. Wasabi Peas Wasabi peas are spicy and crunchy, and are loaded with protein and fiber. They keeps you full of energy for the whole day and also keeps blood sugar from dropping down.

18. Low-fat Popcorn Popcorn is a comfort food for many and is the best companion while watching a movie or sport, but there is lot more to it. It could be your favorite companion at the office too. Low- calorie popcorns are tasty and healthy. They are so full of fiber.

17. Frozen Banana While working, if you often crave for an ice- cream, always keep frozen bananas on your desk. They give you the needed dose of glucose and thus, you would be able to deliver a good performance at work.

16. String Cheese or Cottage Cheese Every office has a refrigerator, but not every office refrigerator has these amazing sources of protein. Make your office a smart office by keeping string cheese or cottage cheese in the refrigerator as they rich sources of protein, maintain the sugar level and keep sleep at bay.

15. Peanut or other nut butter They are healthy and taste great. Eat them with tasty mini rice cakes.

14. Small latte Take a five minute coffee break from work and have a small latte. Flavour it by nutmeg or cinnamon and add sugar instead of flavoured syrup. Add soy milk to raise the nutrition value. You can have alternatively green coffee bean extract.

13. Vegetable Juice Opt for canned juices or make for yourself at home and carry to the office. If you are opting for canned juices, go with a small, 8 ounce low- sodium mixed vegetable juice.

12. Kale chips They are tasty, crunchy and healthy, and thus qualify as one of the best snacking options at work.

11. Fresh Fruit Well, I don’t need to explain why we are keeping fresh fruits in this list. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and what not. They boost the immune system. Munch on them and a good performance at the office is guaranteed.

10. Pretzels They are a great option to satisfy the hunger pangs at the office. They fill your stomach until you take your dinner or lunch. They are also low in fat.

9. Vegetables and Hummus: Hummus contains chickpeas that are rich source of protein, fiber, calcium and iron. Thus it maintains the blood sugar, while vegetables like carrot provide carbs, which makes hummus and veggies a healthy snack too much on in the office.

8. Fruit smoothie A fruit smoothie gets ready in no time and provides you with all the essential nutrients. Prepare with half cup of yogurt (you can also opt for milk) and half cup fruit. Pack it work and sip it once in a while or gulp down at one go.

7. Whole-Wheat Crispbreads Each serving of whole- wheat crispbreads is loaded with three (or more) gms of fiber. Stash it in your office desk.

6. Nuts There is no doubt about the fact that nuts are one of the most healthy snacks. Peanuts, pistachios, almonds ,et al, are nutritious and tasty.

5. Mini Flavored Rice Cakes Low in calorie, high on taste; that makes mini flavored rice bars a hot favorite office snack. Buy one in your favorite flavour and eat them with peanut butter.

4. Protein Bar Proteins bars are one of the healthiest snacks, but some are loaded with calories. So, before you buy them, check all the ingredients. Buy the one with less than two hundred calories.

3. Almonds The reason why I am mentioning almonds separately in this list is (apart from the fact that they are my personal favorite) they are the healthiest option amongst all the other nuts. They are a richest source of proteins as well as healthy fats (monosaturated fats). They are packed with as many as 9 essential nutrients. The fiber content (3.5g per 23 pieces) and Vitamin E (23 pieces offer 35 percent of the regular value of Vit E) in almonds is higher than other nuts.

2. Dried Fruits Dried fruits are loaded with fiber and potassium. They are a healthy snacking option. Keep a mix of dried raisins, apricots, apples, et al.

1. Dry Cereal Dry Cereals are the healthiest snacks. Cereals like bran and flakes have low glycemic index, which means they keep releasing glucose in the bloodstream at slow rate, thus, maintaining a constant sugar level. As a result, our brain keeps on working at an optimum level and also they boost the mental focus.