You Just Need 20 Mins /Day To Stay Fit

You are sitting with your slim, trim and hunky friends, planning the next hiking trip and suddenly you realize that you are not so fit and active they even ask for your opinion for this adventure trip.

Finally, the prom night is arriving the next month after a long year in the high school and you do not want to miss a single chance to woo your crush. But, there is a hundred percent chance that your flabby tummy could ruin it all.

So, now begins the parade to cut the flab, get into shape and be a part of the hunky hiking trip and prom night that cult eventually turn into a date.

But, had you invested a little time regularly from your schedule towards fitness, the scenario could have been a lot different. The guys might have asked for your opinion first, or your crush would have been your boyfriend already. Think about it....

We all just need a few minutes from our routine to take a step into a fitter world. You just need 20 min/ day to stay fit. Yes!!! You read it right; just 20 minutes.

Take a look at the 20 minute fitness regime :

 Start with jogging. Jog at one place for about 3 minutes.

 Now perform 25 reps of Jumping Jacks exercise. When landing, bend on your knees a little to decrease the impact on knee joints.

 Perform 25 reps of abs crunches. For crunches, lie down flat on back and bend your knees. Place both your hands behind the head pointing your elbows outwards. Now raise your upper body by flexing your waist. Next, lower down your body until you back lies flat on the mat. rectus abdominis

 Perform 10 reps of Hip Bridges. For hip bridges, lie straight on the back with both the hands making 90 degree angle with the floor and the body off the floor, until your body forms straight line from shoulder to knees. Hold the position for about 2 seconds squeeze the butt muscles (glutes) and slowly lower the body. Lower back, hamstrings and gluteus.

 Follow it by reverse crunches, about 15 reps. Lie flat on back, bend your knees and bring the knees toward the head until the hips come off the floor. Hold for about a second and then slowly lower the knees. Lower abs and obliques.

 Now perform Mountain Climbers for a minute. This exercise is great to work the triceps, gluteus, deltoid, quards, calves and hamstrings.

 Perform pushups, about 15 reps to work triceps, pectorals and deltoids.

 Next you should do Squat Thrusts for a minute. This exercise is great for arms, chest, lower back and legs. Walk around and relax till the heart rates get back to normal and stretch.

Take rest in between workouts and also sip little amount of water in between the workouts. The whole workout is great for whole body. It is great for the cardiovascular system, tone the muscles and also provide strength to the body and all this happens in just 20 minutes.

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