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Whether your goal is to gain muscle or improve loose weight, you will need to eat the right foods as your daily fuel. The basic key is to start with a general healthy diet.


Do I need Nutrition Supplement?

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 "Mumma, I have a party tonight, I will eat there, do not cook dinner for me."

"Guys, let’s check out the latest fast food joint."

"Honey, heading for a business meeting, will have something on my way."

"I can't stay for the breakfast, I have an early class to attend."

These are the common lines that echo in a normal household, where, kids, husbands/ boyfriends and youngsters, do not have the time to sit patiently and eat a nutritious meal. What about the women of the house then? Well, they stay so busy in keeping a tab on the meals and nutrition of their kids, parents and husbands, that they almost forget to care of themselves, while the women, who work, are the counterparts of the men. The busy schedule of the people today,  keep them on their toes and hence, they pay the least amount of attention on their diet.

The modern restaurant and fastfood culture is also to blame. No doubt, they serve delicious meals, but if you check the nutritional value of the  fast food and restaurant meals, you will be dumbstruck. It is close to nil. Unfortunately, the trend of eating outside home is gaining momentum with each passing second and with this, the term "healthy food" is gradually fading. Under this scenario, a question arises- "DoI need nutrition supplement?" The answer to this question is quite clear, "Yes". yes, you need nutrition supplement to keep yourself and your family healthy. You need nutrition supplement to keep the vitamin, mineral, calcium, iron, magnesium levels at normal. You need these supplements to keep going. YOu need to derive nutrition from the supplements, if you take a deficient diet.

Our body has its needs. It needs vitamin, minerals, iron, protein, magnesium, calcium, fiber, fatty acids or amino acids in some amount to keep us physically fit. In the absence of these nutrients, our body to fail to maintain a good health and hence, we fall prey to various diseases. If our food isn't giving us all the essential nutrients, it becomes necessary to depend on the dietary supplements.

Of late, there is quite a buzz about omega 3 supplements. They are the best thing that you can give to your body. For those who think that fish is the only source of omega 3, let me tell you that market is flooded with many plant-based omega 3 supplements. These supplements are derived from plant sources and boost the level of omega 3 in our body. Glutamine is an important amino acid, also known as the building block for protein. It has many beneficial effects on our body and is also used to counter the ill effects of many medical treatments. Gym goers too, know the importance of glutamine in the body. There could hardly be any gym goer who is not taking glutamine supplements.

Women pay a lot of attention to nutrition value of the meal, but not their meal. Confused? Let me explain, this is a natural tendency of any women, to feed others with a diet, full of nutrition, but ignore, when it comes to them. How selfless women are!!!! But, being selfless is this respect is quite risky. There is another side of the picture too. Though women do not pay a lot of attention to their diet, but tell them they are looking old, and they will stuff their almira with supplements. This is the reason why the sale of MSM supplement is on rise.

The boderline is that, nutrition supplements are great. They are good for our overall health. So, from next time, do not give the excuse of "no time" for fulfilling the health needs; fulfill them by taking nutrition supplements.